Oscar Pistorius’s Home Has Been Sold

By Toni Lennox

OSCAR PISTORIUS’ S house – where he shot dead girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp – has been sold.

The Paralympian was forced to put his £1.6 million home on the market to cover legal expenses for the high profile murder trial.

Pistorius’ lawyer confirmed in a statement that an offer to buy the Silver Woods Country Estate had been accepted and the sale of the villa is being processed.

Lawyer Brian Webber also confirmed the buyer would not be identified until the sale was finalised.

The athlete is now into its seventh week of testimony where he denies killing his girlfriend deliberately.Image


Who Ate Jiminy Cricket?

By Toni Lennox

Edinburgh University scientists have uncovered a new type of Tyrannosaur, the “Pinocchio Rex”.

The 66-million-year-old predator, officially named Qianzhousaurus Sinensis, main feature is his extremely long nose, hence the clever nickname.


Credits to Flickr

“Pinocchio Rex” is the latest finding in the palaeontology field however scientist aren’t fibbing when they confirmed that the fairy-tale nicknamed Dino was in fact a ferocious carnivore.

See full story in this weeks paper

Girls +Math + Physics = Bad Grades

By Toni Grace Lennox

“Maths and Physics are not boring” says a new campaign aiming to get more girls studying the subjects.

‘Yourlife’ launched today in an effort to help boost the number of girls’ studying maths and science.

According to the campaign these subjects are the ‘pathway to a successful future’ but claim there are fewer than 20% of 16-19 year olds study Maths, and half of mixed state schools had no girls study Physics in 2011.

Maths teacher and ‘Duck Quacks Don’t Echo’ star Dr Emily Grossman say the reason for the gap with girls in maths and science subjects is due to low self-confidence.

“Young girls at school, but women as a whole, tend to suffer from something called ‘Imposter Syndrome’, now not everyone obviously,  but more in women than in men where we tend to think that ‘oh I’m not really good at that or if I did do good in that I’ll be found out sometime'”

‘Imposter Syndrome’ is said to be when a person cannot ‘internalise their accomplishments’ according to founders Pauline R. Clance and Suzanne A. Imes.  

According to Imes and Clance, people with imposter syndrome can also feel like ‘frauds’ and chalk up any accomplishments to good luck or timing, not intelligence.

The Yourlife campaign has Government backing and will begin speaking to the teens to improve the gender gap and prove that these subjects are the main route into well-paid careers. 



Commonwealth, cash and competitions

It’s been a week of Commonwealth excitement as the city of Glasgow launches into preparation for next year’s games.

On Tuesday, the Big Lottery Fund announced the arrival of their new grant scheme, Celebrate. They are offering funding of up to £10,000 to organisations across Scotland that wish to hold an event to celebrate the Commonwealth Games 2014.

Linda and Marion from the East Fife Ladies choir have already received funding and they said it has made a huge difference.

“We were able to get some uniforms for the group, these lovely turquoise blouses. It’s a great help and we can’t wait to celebrate in the run up to the commonwealth games.”

East Fife Choir at the Celebrate launch

East Fife Choir at the Celebrate launch

At the launch event in Glasgow, Maureen McGinn, Chair of the Big lottery Fund said the fund would be a great support to Scots who want to begin this nationwide party.

On Wednesday, the commonwealth theme continued as pupils across Scotland got creative.

Commonwealth organisers announced the arrival of a new artworkl competition to get children more involved in the lead up to the 2014 games. Children can enter their drawings into the commonwealth competition and , if successful, their artwork could be displayed in the athlete’s village.

Minister for Commonwealth Games and Sport, Shona Robinson said it was important that the games create a legacy for the children.

“We want the Commonwealth Games to touch every child in some way and this is a great way to get the children involved and making quite a personal link between the people of Glasgow and the athletes.”

Crafty ladies

by Hannah Thomson

Everyone loves giving and receiving gifts (especially receiving) but isn’t it that extra special when a gift is homemade?

Entrepreneurs of crafts have boomed in last few years with the rise of bloggers and apps such as Pinterest.

In 2012, there were an estimated 4.8 million businesses in the UK alone which employed 23.9 million people, and had a combined turnover of £3,100 billion. With so much to consider and so much to learn, hearing from those who have created a successful business could be useful when making your career move.

I spoke to three crafty ladies who told me why they decided to make a living out of homemade crafts. Kirsty Lathangie from Dundee uses a craft-knife to cut a unique pattern which she uses for her handmade cards for her business Kirsty Lathangie Art, Beth Campbell from Glasgow who creates her own baby clothes, handmade jewellery and Christmas baubles for her business Dashitt and Diamonds and Marion Crest who uses embroidery to create handmade cards for her business Embroidered Originals.

Kirsty Lathangie Art

Milestone birthday cards

Milestone birthday cards

Q: Where does your inspiration come from?

A: The handcut idea came from not only the love of other artist’s handcut pieces, but also a ‘light’ project in which I made interesting handcut lightshades that projected amazing pattern effects over the floor and walls. Little things like this have all taken part in inspiring the work I now create.

Q: What kind of success have you had?

A: I have had success in that I do manage to sell my work and also sell cards through different shops. I have participated in exhibitions, open days and wedding exhibitions. It is hard to say how successful I have been so far, but I know that I am still in the early stages of my business, and hope that my success will continue to grow.

Simple blank cards and baby cards

Simple blank cards and baby cards

 Q:How do you promote your business?

A: The internet, in particular social networking (Facebook), has been the most successful way to promote my business. At first I was unsure about using Facebook, thinking that I should focus on my website, but it has been excellent for sharing photos and information, whilst receiving feedback and comments. I do also try to distribute business cards and advertising postcards when possible.

Q:What advice would you give to fellow entrepreneurs hoping to make a business out of homemade, personalised crafts?

A: My advice would definitely be to keep creating and not give up. If you truly enjoy what you are doing, it should be worth it if you work hard. You will learn from your experiences along the way, enjoying the highs and not allowing the lows to stop you.

Dashit & Diamonds

Unique Bracelets

Unique Bracelets

Q: Where does your inspiration come from?

A:My inspiration comes from my granddaughter, she is such a girly girl and loves anything with sparkle, and as people see the finished products I am getting more and more requests for my work.

Q: What kind of success have you had?

A: My success began when the local boutique where I had bought the original bib noticed a very pretty bib that my granddaughter was wearing during a visit and asked if I would supply some for the shop. After supplying the shop for a time my daughter and I looked at setting up a page to offer my designs for sale as they had been very popular in the shop and I was quickly struggling to supply the shops requests.

Handmade dress with tutu

Handmade dress with tutu

Q: Where did your business idea come from?

A:The idea for my business came from looking for a special outfit for my granddaughter. My local boutique were selling fancy bibs, I bought one to complete an outfit and although it was expensive it was really pretty, unfortunately the stitching came undone after the first wear, and here is how my business was formed, as I could design and make my own clothes etc.

Q: What have the main challenges been?

A: For me the challenge has been keeping designs new and interesting and not to get disheartened when it appears that no one is interested in your goods. I have been going now for almost 2 years and it is only now that I can say that I am beginning to see the business building.

Embroidered Originals

Personalised 21st card

Personalised 21st card

Q: How did you come up with the idea for your business?

A: I started the business a long time ago from very small beginnings. I was an art teacher having a career break until my two children started school but instead of going back into teaching I looked at how I could work for myself. I started by making little scaled down versions of the textile pieces I had been making for exhibitions since Art College. I came up with the idea that I would have a better chance of a sustainable business if I sold an affordable product to a lot of people rather than an exclusive high priced item to relatively few people. That was how the idea of a card business was born.

Q: Where does your inspiration come from?

A:At first my inspiration was in the colours and textures of the threads and fabrics I was using. Each card was unique, hand stitched and abstract in design. Gradually through listening to the requests of the public I realised that of course people wanted to buy cards for specific occasions  – births, weddings, birthdays etc. So I developed my designs to be more suitable. Now the basis of our business is definitely the cards with the Scottish theme and my inspiration is the Scottish dialect and gentle humour, a long way from embroidery!

Cheery Christmas Wishes

Cheery Christmas Wishes

Q: What have the challenges been?

A:The challenges have been to make the business strong enough to support a growing family. Also to be aware of changing trends and to keep the business fresh. We have been careful not to put all our eggs in one basket as well, keeping the retail side going with our website and the various craft events we do ( not so many now) as well as the trade side supplying to shops.

Q:What advice would you give to fellow entrepreneurs hoping to make a business out of homemade, personalised crafts?

A:My advice would be to be prepared to work hard, to live and breathe your business 24/7. There are an awful lot of fledgling craft businesses out there thanks mainly to the Internet, and not all will make it. If you have a good idea, backed by skills and work ethic then you stand a chance. But be prepared to hone and develop your ideas to suit your market.

M8 seven-car pile up

By Courtney Cameron 

Two men were taken to hospital last night after a seven-car pile up on the M8.

According to the Scottish Fire and Rescue Services, two cars collided in the middle of the motorway on the west-bound carriageway between East Whitburn and Harthill junctions just before 7pm.

Another five cars then crashed into them and the motorway had to be closed for the emergency services to accommodate the scene.

The two men were taken to hospitals in North Lanarkshire to have their back injuries treated.

No-one else involved was injured.

Bayern and Dortmund make it an all-German final at Wembley


PASSION: Dortmund’s fans celebrate a historic win. (IMG: EPA)

By Alistair Bennett

When Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund were drawn against Barcelona and Real Madrid respectively in the semi finals of the Champions League, there was a sense of wonder about how far the German sides had progressed.

As arguably the best club side of all time, Barcelona were expected to make the final despite struggling past Paris Saint Germain in the previous round and Real Madrid, with Jose Mourinho in charge and Cristiano Ronaldo at their disposal, were the favourites to make it an all-Spanish final at Wembley Stadium.

Things rarely go according to plan in the world of football though.

Bayern destroyed the Catalan side 4-0 in Munich while Dortmund also scored four against Madrid.

These thrashings left Barcelona and Real Madrid on the verge of being knocked out with 90 minutes left to play for both sides at home. No-one expected that.

Real Madrid welcomed Dortmund to the Bernabeu for their second leg tie on Tuesday night and after losing the first leg 4-1, they needed to perform at their best to stand a chance of making it to Wembley.

Mourinho’s side flew out of the traps knowing they needed to score at least three goals to progress to the final but they were unable to take their early chances.

Gonzalo Higuain, Cristiano Ronaldo and Mesut Ozil were all through on goal and a combination of great goalkeeping by Roman Weidenfeller and poor finishing meant the match stayed goalless.

Despite all of the early chances for Madrid, Dortmund weathered the storm and soon began to control the game. They had chances of their own but Robert Lewandowski, the hero of the first leg for Dortmund, was especially wasteful in front of goal.

The match looked as if it was going to end goalless meaning the Germans would book their place in the Champions League final.

That was until Real got a goal back in the 82nd minute: Ozil managed to find space down the right hand side where he pulled the ball back to French striker Karim Benzema who finished easily.

The impossible now seemed possible.

Real continued to attack, smelling blood, and in the 88th minute, they got their second meaning they only needed one more goal to see them through.

Benzema coolly pulled the ball back to captain Sergio Ramos who smashed the ball home.

However, Madrid could not get that elusive third goal and that was enough for Jurgen Klopp’s youthful Dortmund side to qualify for the final.

To determine who would play Dortmund in the final, Bundesliga champions Bayern Munich travelled to the Camp Nou with a 4-0 lead which seemed insurmountable.

It was. After a relatively quiet first half with few chances, Bayern stormed out of the gate in the second and quickly got an away goal which meant that Barcelona would have had to score six in order to progress.

Dutch winger Arjen Robben cut in from the right side and found the top corner with a curled strike.

An own goal by Gerard Pique and a Thomas Muller completed the 7-0 aggregate rout.

Barcelona left the injured Lionel Messi on the bench and they lacked ideas while Bayern were ruthless as they progressed to their third Champions League final in four years.

The Bavarians will meet Dortmund at Wembley on 25 May and it appears it will be the beginning of a German era of dominance.

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