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Boxer Mayweather to fight in UK


by Daniyall Qazi

Mayweather goes by the nickname ‘Money’

The box office boxing king Floyd Mayweather will “definitely” have his next fight in the UK, with Amir Khan the frontrunner to get the shot.

In the lead up to Mayweather’s fight against Robert Guerrero this Saturday, his manager, Leonard Ellerbe, told the press that the fighter will be giving the UK fans “a big, big fight.”

“The UK are his biggest and best fans. He has tremendous love affair for the UK fans.”

A match against Amir Khan, who has long campaigned for a fight against ‘Money’ Mayweather, would likely be the biggest fight a British boxer has found themself in since Ricky Hatton fought Mayweather in Las Vegas in 2007.

Amir Khan won his second comeback fight last Saturday after his stoppage loss to American Danny Garcia last year, beating Mexican veteran Julio Diaz in a hard fought unanimous decision.

Despite having been dropped in the fourth round of the fight and being hurt badly in the tenth, he managed to hold on to secure the decision in a battle that eerily resembled his fight of the year war with Marcos Maidana in 2010.

Khan has frequently found himself in the trapped in these knock down drag out fights, something that has both harmed and helped his career, with his fans appreciating the fact that he rarely finds himself in anything but an exciting fight and his detractors questioning his chin and in-ring smarts.

One thing everyone can agree on though is that his style has without doubt made him a box office star.

It’s safe to say that his penchant for doing things the hard way is a big reason for being up for a fight against the biggest draw and money-maker in boxing despite having lost his world titles so recently.

Of course any talk of a UK super-fight with the best boxer in the world will have to wait until after Saturday night’s main event in Las Vegas when Mayweather and Guerrero will meet in what is far from a forgone conclusion.

But if all goes according to plan, the UK could be in line to hold one of the biggest fights in British boxing history.


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