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Better Together criticise currency plans


First Minister Salmond’s plans have been criticised by pro-Union campaign group Better Together. (IMAGE: TELEGRAPH)

By Alistair Bennett

Better Together have criticised the Scottish government and Yes Scotland over the debate on whether not an independent Scotland should have its own currency.

First Minister Alex Salmond has consistently stated his desire for an independent Scotland to keep using pound sterling as its currency but Dennis Canavan, the chairman of Yes Scotland, believes a separate monetary system should be adopted.

The pro-Union campaign group believes there is a lack of unity on the subject and it is damaging their bid to convince the Scottish public that Scotland should be independent.

Ross MacRae, communications spokesman for the campaign, believes the issue is exposing the pro-independence campaign’s flaws “as they can’t even agree on what type of money they are going to use”.

He said: “The currency issue is absolutely vital and there is no cohesion between the Scottish government and Yes Scotland about what they are going to do.

“People are very worried about this as they saved their money, put money in to pensions and have savings in the bank. If Scotland gets a separate currency, how will they be affected?

“There’s just a lack of leadership and it’s causing all sorts of problems for them.”


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