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New Glasgow bus timetables causing problems



By Danielle Garrett

First Bus’ new simpliCITY Glasgow timetable , which comes in to place on the 26 May has been criticised by Green MSP Patrick Harvie who says cuts to bus services in the city cannot be covered up by re-organising the system.

MSP Patrick replied to the new timetable announcement on his own site called ‘Better Buses’ which was set up in 2012 to try and improve Glasgow’s bus system, saying: “ Glasgow suffered this time last year when First cut or reduced dozens of services, and they admit that these new changes will see fewer miles.

The transport giant, which runs more than one in five of all local bus services across the UK says the change will bring benefits to customers by creating high frequency services that operate at least every 10 minutes with excellent value fares.

However, many of the new Glasgow timetables on their website show they will be less frequent from May. A single bus fare across city zones also increased last month from £1.85 to £1.90.

Jason Scott, a 37 year old unemployed man from East Kilbnde has to use the bus to get around as he has no car, and the lack of buses in his area have had a serious affect on his life.

” I’m having to withdraw my application for a job in town that starts at 6am, because there is simply no bus from EK that comfortably gets you into Glasgow for that start time. There is one solitary 18 that gets you in supposedly at 06:01 but if it’s late, or doesn’t show up as First buses frequently don’t-then you won’t be on time.”



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