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Tobacco displays banned in supermarkets


ImageBy Hayley Parr and Courtney Cameron

Starting 29 April (Monday) cigarettes and other tobacco products will no longer be displayed in larger retailers.

According to Public Health Minister Michael Matheson legislation banning displays are part of a plan to prevent young people taking up smoking.

Chief executive of anti-smoking campaigners Ash Scotland, Sheila Duffy said:

“We have to go further and we have to put the product in standardised packaging because they [tobacco companies] are just getting very cute and clever about designing them to appeal to young people.”

“The whole aim of this is to put smoking out of fashion for the next generation and to shut down that insidious image making that encourages people to get addicted to a lethal product.”

The Tobacco and Primary Medical Services (Scotland) Act 2010 will also prohibit the selling of cigarettes from vending machines.

Stores failing to comply with the new tobacco display laws could be convicted of a criminal offence or receive a fixed fine.

Cancer Research UK states that smoking is the single largest avoidable risk factor in the UK for the disease and that currently one in five British adults smoke.


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