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Help for Scotland’s deprived areas


Deprived areas of Scotland will be given a boost with £25 million in funding being created for local projects by the Scottish Parliament and local authorities.

The Regeneration Capital Grant Fund was announced on Monday (29th) by the Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon who says the money will be given to a number of projects next year that show a level of engagement with their area.

Ms Sturgeon says “Community involvment is intergral to the success of the design and delivery of local economic and social regeneration initiatives.”


It is hoped that the money will help create more jobs in Scotland as well as bringing communities closer together.

All thirty-two local authorities in Scotland will be allowed to apply for funding and money has already been given to the Fairfields ship yard in Govan, which is currently being renovated and turned in to offices to create 100 jobs after lying derelict for ten years.

Govan resident Lisa Dickinson, 32, says that more projects like this in Govan and other places are needed.

“It’s getting young people off the streets and giving people jobs, which will stop them turning to crime and drugs.”

She also added that it’s imporant that building such as the Fairfields ship yard are renovated as it is such an important part of Scottish heritage.

It is hoped that the funding will have a positive impact on the economic, social and environmental sectors of Scotland, and that we will be able to see this change over the next few years.



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