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Sony Unveils the Next-Generation PlayStation: The PS4


Sony announced the PlayStation 4 late last night, ending weeks of speculation on the videogame console.




They unveiled the exact specifications for the machine at the New York show, showing of its PC-like architecture that makes developing games for the console significantly easier than on the PlayStation 3.


They also ended speculation on why they purchased Gaikai last year for £232 million, announcing the PlayStation Cloud, which allows for enhanced online, download and digital gaming services, as well as the ability to play PS4 games remotely on the PlayStation handheld console, the Vita as well as other tablet and mobile devices.


The emphasised the idea of “everything, everywhere.”


Sony said the PlayStation 4 will have “the fastest most powerful network for gaming in the world.”


The console giant also showed off a redesigned Dualshock 4 controller, the first redesign since the original PlayStation’s controller. 


The videogame maker also announced some of the launch titles for the PS4’s planned ‘holiday 2013’ release, with the new instalments of their Killzone and Infamous franchises being shown off, with the former having a live gameplay demonstration.


One of the shows biggest surprises came from the announcement that Bungie, developer of the biggest Xbox franchise, Halo, are developing exclusive content for the PS4 for their new franchise ‘Destiny’, in what is no doubt a huge blow to Microsoft’s Xbox.Image


The videogame community is now looking to Microsoft and their show at the E3 2013 convention in June where it is rumoured that they will finally reveal their next generation console, the successor to the Xbox 360.


No matter what happens at E3 now, 2013 is shaping up one of the biggest years in gaming history.


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