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Glasgow students say NO to independence


It was the first official mock-referendum to be taken ahead of the 2014 vote

Glasgow University students voted no to Scottish independence in their mock-referendum.

Over 2000 students voted in the referendum and were asked “Should Scotland be an independent country?”


Better Together campaigners hand out leaflets to students


A large majority of 62% (1614) voted no while 38% (967) said yes.


The referendum event was organised by the GU Dialectic Society and held weekly debates that started at the end of January, leading to the final debate/result.

Key political figures such as William Bain MP and Chief Executive of the YES campaign Blair Jenkins were on the panel for the final debate.

Labour MSP Jackie Baillie was heckled during her speech by members of the YES  campaign sitting in the chamber who had to be hushed by Mr Jenkins.

Michael Gray, President of the Dialectic Soceity, said the event had been a great success and had given a different take on the debate by focusing on arguments put forward by academics rather than politicians alone.


Better Together members gather for photographers to celebrate their victory


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