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Alex Salmond Backs BBC


Alex Salmond has endorsed a six-month suspension on BBC redundancies after journalists protested against the compulsory redundancies, this week.
Nearly a third of these redundancies will be taken from BBC Scotland.
The First Minister said Scottish coverage of news and current affairs is particularly crucial in the run-up to the independence referendum.
“BBC Scotland’s decision to frontload cuts from the licence fee settlement is particularly disappointing while Scotland is debating such a hugely important public decision,”
“The BBC should be prioritising its capacity to cover Scottish current affairs rather than attacking it or reducing it as is being done at the present moment.”
Mr Salmond also said: “I think that is a positive proposal.
“I see with dismay no fewer than nine out of a total of 30 compulsory redundancies across the BBC are to be in Scotland, and that should tell us that there is huge disquiet amongst staff, not just about their individual future but the collective ability of the BBC to serve Scotland.
“I think that points to the lack of ability within BBC Scotland to do that under current resources, which surely is going to be made much more significantly challenging if these cutbacks go ahead.”


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