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Another NHS blunder


NHS computer keyboard

by Hannah Thomson

NHS staff have been critisised for breaching IT guidelines in work.

The Freedom of Information act found that there had been a total of 481 IT breaches over the last three years with at least 15 workers being sacked or resigning.

Scottish Conservatives health spokesperson Jackson Carlaw said: “More and more sensitive information in hospitals is being held electronically, including patient records and highly confidential data. We need to ensure those who have access act responsibly to ensure it doesn’t end up in the wrong hands.”

Last year, IT guidelines were breached when it was found patient medical records were read by a receptionist at a doctor’s surgery in Fife.

The Bank Street Medical Group in Cupar issued letters to mainly female patients, apologising for the breach which involved a staff member ‘inappropriately’ accessing records.

Local woman Arlene Dickson, whose records were read, said: “The person crossed a line so now they have to deal with the aftermath. I can’t turn the clocks back and whatever they read about me, my family, my life is private and the fact that they invaded that makes me feel sick. I hope that whatever they found out fades but that it stays on their conscience forever.”

The British Medical Association in Scotland has described the figures as “disappointing.”


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