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Tesco issue horsemeat burger apology


By John McCarthy

UNDERFIRE supermarket chain Tesco have published apologies in major UK newspapers today to apologise for selling beef burgers that contained 30% horsemeat.

Tesco, which has saw its share values fall by £300m, released apology adverts in all major newspapers except the Financial Times.

Sorry: Tesco publish apology

SORRY: Tesco publish apology

The supermarket chain said its Tesco Everyday Value 8 x Frozen Beef Burgers (397g) and Tesco 4 x Frozen Beef Quarter Pounders (454g) were affected.

After the meat contamination which is believed to have occurred in the Netherlands and Spain became apparent Tesco “immediately withdrew from sale all products from the supplier in question” and commented that they are happy to refund affected products.

Responding to calls to prosecute Tesco, Prime Minister David Cameron said the scandal was “a completely unacceptable state of affairs” and called for an urgent investigation by Britain’s Food Standards Agency (FSA).

CONDEMNATION: Cameron wants the FSA to investigate Tesco

UNACCEPTABLE: Cameron condemns Tesco mistake

“People in our country will have been very concerned to read this morning that when they thought they were buying beef burgers, they were buying something that had horsemeat in it,” he said.

Craig McCarn, an equine vet said: “It’s unusual for people in the UK to eat horse; instead they are bred for their beauty and their racing capabilities.

“In mainland Europe horse is a delicacy which sells well in supermarkets but the fact that it got into alleged ‘beef burgers’ is unforgivable and will make me more vigilant in future when buying meat.”

Below is a culmination of my favourite tweets on the subject.


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