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HMV: a loss for the social aspect of music


by Shelley Queen

HMV’s recent announcement that they were going into administration was a worrying start to the year for the economy– but it’s not just UK finance that’s affected by the chains precarious situation.

HMV has long been a major feature of British high streets, offering a place for music lovers to browse at their leisure the vast collection of products the store had to offer. From classical to punk, world to dance music – HMV stocked it all.

It was the experience of wandering around the store – not specifically looking for anything, and picking up a surprise find – that added that special something to the shopping experience.

Everything Everything talk about the loss of HMV, and the decline of the physical CD (Channel 4 news)

Although music sales have been in decline for years, with both buyingand distributing music online consistently growing due to its cheaper nature, there is still a demand for the physical products HMV offered – CD’s still make up stocking fillers, and vinyl record sales have seen a resurgence in recent years.

HMV also provided a social aspect too, being a hub for musicians and fans to meet. The shops regularly host meet and greets and signings… and where else on the high street could possibly offer this experience? There would be something rather impersonal about popping into ASDA to get your favourite album signed.

The music industry is working it’s hardest to save the much loved store, and if it were to go, it would be a much missed part of the British music scene.


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