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Back Tae Mine?




The annual Celtic Connections festival returns to Glasgow for its 20th birthday.

Vicente Amigo posed today, outside the Royal Concert Hall with his guitar in all of his Spanish flamenco glory, for reporters.guitar

Despite a whole range of acts assembled from all parts of the world such as; Australia, Greenland, Mexico, Cuba, India, USA, Canada and Ireland (to name a few) for the 20th anniversary there was not much a crowd gathered to hear the celebrations “kick off”.

Guitarist and Vocalist Paul “Ginty” O’Reilly with Fleadh Cheoil, based in Northern Ireland’s Derry, is disappointed with the lack of publicity for such an anticipated event.

“We’re here today because of the Celtic Connections festival but we’re not connected directly.

“We don’t really feel there is a lot of publicity circulating around which is disappointing but there are still a lot of great area’s in the Glasgow pub scene where we are performing while we’re here.

“Glasgow has great pubs for sessions.

“Last night we played Ben Nevis and we loved it.

“We always have a great time in Glasgow, you Scots are quite similar to us Irish.”

Celtic Connections have revealed that they are close to sold out.

This isn’t difficult to comprehend with previous years being so successful for the city Celtic Connection is looking to this year as the “cornerstone of Scotland’s cultural calendar”, looking to capture the past two decades of musical memories and are looking forward to another twenty years.

So never fear if you feel like joining in with the festivities they are running for 18 days from today.




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